Object Name
Plane, Block
Stanley Rule & Level Co.
Metal --Wood
Catalogue Number

Length 17.5 cm x Width 5.0 cm x Height 15.4 cm


A block plane (a) with a metal body and wooden cylindrical shaped knob (b) that screws onto the toe of the plane. The knob is wider at the top and narrows as it get closer to the base. "STANLEY" is cast onto the toe of the plane just in front of the knob. Attached to the plane is a lever cap, iron, depth adjustment wheel and blade adjustment wheel. "NO. 140" is cast onto the heel and the name "A. B. SPENCER" and patent information "PAT NOV.6.94" is stamped onto one side of the body of the plane.


This combination Stanley #140 Rabbet and Block plane was first released in 1896. The cast knob on the rear of the plane dates this plane from shortly after 1900. Despite its appearance as a skewed block plane, the right side plate can be removed, turning this into a rabbet plane. On this example, the owner, “A. B. Spencer” has stamped his name just below the 1994 patent information on the removable side cheek.