Object Name
Plane, Tonguing
Auburn Tool Co.
Catalogue Number

L: 27.4cm W: 3.6cm H: 12.6cm
a- L: 27.4c W: 3.6cm H: 12.6cm
b- L: 18.1cm W: 2.5cm H: 0.8cm


A wooden tonguing plane consisting of 2 parts. The cutting iron is missing.
a- The body is rectangular with a large handle carved into the heel end. It is made of a brown hardwood. The throat cuts diagonally through the middle of the body and is exposed through the cheek. The sole is flat with a straight groove running lengthwise down the centre. The back edge of the sole extends down to form a fence. Stamps on the toe read: "AUBURN TOOL Co./(A)UBURN.N.Y"; "D.EBY"; "I BLOWER". Stamps on the heel read: "I BLOWER"; "INCH"; "NO./73".
b- The wedge is made of a hardwood similar to the body. It tapers to a point on one end and is rounded in an elliptical form on the other. A small cut-out below the head allows for easy handling.


Tonguing planes cut two parallel grooves in a workpiece. They are used in conjunction with a corresponding grooving plane to create tongue-and-groove joins. When used together, they are known as match planes. The iron of a tonguing plane contains two sharp edges and a central notch that leaves a raised ridge.