Object Name
Tool, Combination
Raymond Products & Industries Canada Ltd.
Steel --Cardboard --Paper
Catalogue Number

a- L: 17.2cm W: 3.0cm H: 1.3cm
b- L: 18.0cm W: 3.9cm H: 1.3cm
c- L: 27.5cm W: 12.6cm


A metal combination tool in its original box with original information leaflet.
a- A steel combination tool with an oval metal ring acting as a handle. In the bottom right corner, there is a small glass cutting wheel. Above the handle, there is a metal platform with a sharpening stone secured by a slotted screw. The steel beneath it has strategic openings for sharpening tools. On the right, an arrow points to an opening with the word "SCISSORS". On the left, an arrow with the word "MOWER".
b- A red cardboard bow with an illustration of the combination tool on top. Inscriptions on the front read "ACME / Combination Tool / GLASS CUTTER / KNIFE AND SCISSOR SHARPENER". The back side shows black-and white illustrations depicting how to use the tool. The sides contain company information and basic instructions.
c- An instruction leaflet composed of one single page. Illustrations accompany the instructions; "To Sharpen Knives"; "For Cutting Glass"; "To Sharpen Scissors, Garden and Hedge Shears"; "To Sharpen Lawn Mowers"; "Other Tools". The instructions are repeated in French on the reverse side.