Object Name
Plane, Ovolo
Hans Olsen
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

L: 24.7cm W: 2.0cm H: 15.0cm
a- L: 24.2cm W:2.0cm H: 7.8cm
b- L: 16.4cm W: 2.5cm H: 0.8cm
c- L: 19.4cm W: 1.4cm H: 0.3cm


A wooden ovolo plane consisting of 3 parts.
a- The body is rectangular and made of a light brown hardwood. The width is consistent throughout. A narrow mouth is exposed through the bottom half of the front body. The sole is curved concavely in a quarter-circle to match the cutting iron. There are three mall holes along the bottom edge of the back body. A stamp on the toe reads "H. OLSEN/VOGNMAGERGADE 11".
b- The wedge is made of a hardwood similar to the body. It tapers to a point on one end and rounded in a wide parabolic form on the other. A shallow curved cut-out below the head allows for easy handling.
c- THe iron is a narrow strip of grey metal. It abruptly widens near the cutting edge. The cutting edge is curved concavely in an ovolo, or quarter-circle shape. The width of the cut is 1/2".


Ovolo planes are a molding plane used to round the corners of workpieces. The term 'ovolo' refers to the convex quarter-circle shape of the cutting profile. Ovolo planes can be used on their own or in conjunction with other planes to create decorative moldings.