Object Name
D. Bayne
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

L: 24.0cm W: 3.5cm H: 14.0cm
a- L: 24.0cm W: 3.5cm H: 8.5cm
b- L: 17.0cm W: 2.7cm H: 0.8cm
c- L: 18.5cm W: 1.2cm H: 0.3cm


A wooden half-lap plane consisting of three parts.
a- The body is made of a dark brown hardwood and is rectangular in shape. There is a cheek protruding from the front face of the body, 3.5cm from the top and 1.5cm from the bottom. It runs along the entire length of the body. A small "step" (6mm x 6mm) connects the cheek to the sole. The top edges of the body are slightly rounded. Stamps on toe read: "D. BAYNE"; "I BLOWER". Stamp on heel reads: "I BLOWER".
b- The wedge is made of a similar hardwood. On end tapers to a point, the other is rounded in an elliptical shape. A very small cutout makes the wedge suitable for handling.
c- The iron s made of a dark grey metal. It is a thin, long rectangle, and abruptly widens near the cutting edge. The wide portion has 2 small protrusions that add to the width of the iron.


Half-lap planes are used to cut half-lap joints. This consists of removing half the thickness of the two joining pieces. When joined, the pieces overlap and match the thickness of the rest of the piece. Half-lap planes work in the same way as a ploughing or grooving plane, by removing thick pieces of material.