Object Name
Plane, Rabbet
Henry Williams
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 15.4 cm x W 3.5 cm x H 12.3 cm
a - Length 15.4 cm x W 3.5 cm x H 7.7
b - Length 15.6 cm x W 3.7 cm x D 0.5 cm
c - Length 14.2 cm x W 2.4 cm x D 0.6 cm


A wooden rabbet plane with a flat sole and single cutting iron that extends to the extreme edge on both sides.
a - The plane is rectangular in shape with the sides of the sole extending past the width of the plane on both sides. The toe is stamped with "WILLIAMS // '42 // BORO ' R[P]" // W. WRIGHT". The heel is stamped with "R. WESTLEY // W. WRIGHT".
b - The iron has a straight blade and is held in place in the plane by the wedge.
c - The single pointed wooden wedge for the plane that tapers to a point on one side.


This tee rabbet plane is one of the earlier in the collection and dates to around 1850. It was made in the shop of Henry Williams at 42 Borough Rd in London, England. The tee-shaped stock leaves room for the fingers when cutting deep rabbets. The short stock, 6 inches, places this plane into the class of coachbuilders’ planes as their work often required shorter planes.