Object Title
Plow Plane
Object Name
A. Monty
Wood --Iron --Steel --Brass
Catalogue Number

Length 31.0 cm x Width 28.0 cm x Height 19.0 cm


An eight piece wooden plow plane.
a - The plane has a rectangular shaped wooden stock with a curved handle. There is a steel skate with brass fitting attached to the sole plane and a brass screw at the top of the plane. The toe is stamped with the owners name "R. WESTLEY" and the manufacturer "A. MONTY // ROXTON POND, P.Q"
b- The wooden wedge that secures the iron in place is stamped with the name "R. WESTLEY"
c - The iron for the plane that sits on an angled bed through the body of the plane and projects just past the skate.
d - The fence attach's to the plane by two cylindrical threaded arms that fit into holes in the sides plane. The arms travel through the width of the plane and are secured in place by four wooden, circular shaped bolt-like pieces (e-h) that are screwed onto the arms on either side of the plane. The distance between the fence to the skate of the plane can be adjusted by tightening or loosening these pieces.


Employing contrasting beech and rosewood, this elegant version of the common plow plane was a very commonly used plane in a cabinet makers shop. Used for cutting a deep narrow groove down the edge of a board to accept a thinner panel in cabinet construction. Despite their simple function, plow planes were often more ornamental than other planes.