Object Name
Plane, Sash
A. Monty
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

Length 24.0 cm x Width 13.5 cm x Height 15.4 cm


A double iron screw arm adjustable sash plane that is comprised of eight parts. The body of the plane is made up of two pieces (a-b) that are secured together by two arms and cylindrical collars (c-d). The plane is adjustable by loosening the locking collars then adjusting the screw arms. By adjusting the locking collars you can change the width of the cut. There are two irons (e-f) and two wooden wedges (g-h) for the plane. Stamped onto the toe of the plane is the makers mark "A. MONTY // ROXTON POND. P.Q".


A double ironed plane used in window making. The plane body is in two parts joined in this case by wooden screws. By inserting thin wood spacers between the body sections, windows of thicker dimensions could be made using the same tool.