Object Name
Plane, Molding
Aux Mines De Suede
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

Length 33.5 cm x Width 5.6 cm x Height 15.6 cm


A wooden French molding plane that is comprised of three pieces. The plane (a) has a rectangular shaped body with a curved wooden handle that extends past the length of the main body of the plane. There are two cutouts in the top of the plane that have an angled bed and travel down through the entire height of the planes body. One of the cutouts is just above where the handle meets the body, the iron and wedge that fit here are missing. The second cutout is located more centrally and has an iron (b) and wooden wedge (c). There are two white labels adhered to the top to the plane near the toe that has "AUX MINES DE SUEDE, R. LAMARTINE 6, PARIS" written in black ink. Stamped onto the end of the toe are the past owners names "R. WESTLEY" and "A. MAUGE". Also stamped onto one side of the plane is the name "A. MAUGE" and a crest with the maker's mark "AUX MINES DE SUEDE // PARIS" around the circumference with an image of an anchor in the centre with the letters "B" and "G" on either side of the anchor.


This French moulding plane shows off the differences in the English and Scottish traditions that determined the styles used by the North American planemakers. The cross section of the body is more square with a decorative beading on the outside face. The tote, or closed handle, is positioned lower and at the very rear of the plane. Unfortunately the smaller of the two blades has been lost.