Object Name
Plane, Grooving
John Dawson
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

L: 24.0cm W: 3.8cm H: 14.0cm
a- L: 24.0cm W: 3.8cm H: 8.5cm
b- L: 15.0cm W: 3.0cm H: 0.6cm
c- L: 19.7cm W: 0.7cm H: 0.6cm


A wooden match plane consisting of 3 parts.
a- The body is made of dark brown hardwood and a dark brown metal plate. The top half of the body protrudes forwards while the bottom half protrudes back. The top left corner of the piece is rounded. The sole is flat and extends down past the edge of the throat to support the iron. A metal plate is embedded in the front cheek and is held in place by 5 large screws. It extends past the end of the cheek to create a fence. Stamps on toe read: "J. Dawson / MONTREAL"; "I BLOWER". Stamps on heel read: " I BLOWER"; "7/8"
b- The wedge is made of a similar hardwood to the body. It tapers to a point on one end and is rounded on the other in a square-circle form. Immediately below the head is a small cutout for easy handling.
c- The iron is long and narrow. It is wider at the top and tapers to a thin cutting edge. The width of the cut is 1/8".


Match planes are used in pairs: one, a tonguing plane, cuts a groove through a workpiece, leaving a small protruding slit. The other, a grooving plane, cuts a groove corresponding exactly to the slit left behind by the tonguing plane. This produces two joint pieces perfectly sized to one another. This plane is a grooving plane, and the body and sole are designed to fir into an existing tongue.