Object Name
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 14.1 cm x 4.2 cm x H 10.0 cm
a - Length 14.1 cm x W 4.2 cm x H 4.8 cm
b - Length 10.9 cm x W 2.8 cm x D 0.5 cm
c - Length 7.4 cm W 3.0 cm x D 0.9 cm


A wooden mast and spar / oar plane with a single iron and a shallow curved concaved sole.
a - The body of the plane is coffin-shaped with a rectangular base. "I BLOWER" is stamped into the end of the toe and heel of the plane.
b - The iron for the plane that has a concaved blade that is wider than the back edge.
c - The wooden wedge for the plane that has two pointed prongs that taper to a point on one end.