Object Name
Plane, Round
S. Dalpe
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 23.8cm x Width 2.9cm x Height 14.0cm
a- Length 23.8cm x Width 2.9cm x Height 8.5cm
b- Length 15.3cm x Width 2.3cm x Height 0.7cm
c- Length 18.0cm x Width 2.0cm x Height 0.4cm


A round molding plane comprised of three parts, a wooden rectangular body with an angled cutout through the middle of it and a round concave profile on the sole (a), a wooden wedge piece with a rounded top and a tapered bottom (b), and an iron with a thin stem and a wider bottom with a blade that matches the concave round profile (c). The wedge and the iron fit together inside the angled cutout in the body of the plane, and extend out of the top. The wedge holds the iron in place as it cuts the wood below. Stamped on the toe of the plane is "I BLOWER", and "S. DALPE ROXTON POND. P. O." Stamped on the heel is "I BLOWER", "1", "0", "X". There is also a red circular sticker on the heel.


Round planes are one of the basic molding tools. They cut convex circular grooves into a workpiece. They are found paired with hollow planes of the corresponding shape. They can be used for shaping, trimming and molding. They can be used in conjunction with other planes to create any shape imaginable. Sets of hollow and round planes are an essential part of a woodworker’s toolkit.