Object Title
Panel Plane
Object Name
Carrick Bros.
Date Made
Circa 1885
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 26.0 cm x Width 7.3 cm x Height 12.5 cm


A four part metal and wood panel / infill plane. The plane (a) has a cast iron body with a multi-tiered cube shaped knob and curved wood handle. The metal chip breaker is attached to the iron (b) by a screw and is secured to the plane by a brass lever cap (c) and adjusting screw (d). "CARRICK BROS // GLASGOW" is cast into the iron near the end opposite the blade.


This craftsman made Scottish infill plane likely dates to the late 1800s. Infill planes were very popular due to their quality and usefulness; however, they were extremely expensive as so much of the manufacturing was completed by hand. Another option for woodworkers was to buy the cast parts, buy a blade, and create their own wood elements. This plane has a blade from Carrick Bros. (a blade and razor maker) and a cap iron from D. Malloch & Son (a tool maker from Perth). There are no maker marks on the plane itself and the wood elements show a distinct shoddiness of finish.