Object Name
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

L 46.0 cm x W 88.5 cm x H 42.0 cm


A handmade wooden chest. The chest is rectangular in shape, with a flat rectangular lid covering a hollow rectangular interior. The lid is constructed using six pieces of wood that are held together by lap joints and reinforced with metal screws. The lid is attached to the body of the chest by two metal hinges on the back side of the base. On the front, there is a small key hole leading to a lock mechanism attached to interior walll. On two sides of the chest, there are oval-shaped cutouts where a handle was previously attached and several screw holes surrounding the cutout. The four sides of the chest are held together by dovetail joints in each corner. Attached to the bottom of each side is a thick wooden moulding, which has been painted a dark brown or black colour. The bottom of the chest is flat.