Object Name
Plane, Jack
Spear & Jackson ||Thomas Firth and Sons
Wood --Metal
Catalogue Number

L: 53.8cm W: 7.6cm H: 18.0cm
a- L: 53.8cm W: 7.6cm H: 18.0cm
b- L: 15.0cm W: 6.6cm H: 1.7cm
c- L: 20.7cm W: 6.4cm H: 1.6cm


A large wooden jack plane consisting of 3 parts.
a- The body is a rectangular prism made of brown hardwood. A large throat cuts diagonally through the body around 2/3 of the length back from the toe. It tapers to a small slit at the sole. A single-horned closed wooden handle sits on top of the body behind the throat. The sole is flat. A stamp on the toe end reads "W.M.C. KENDALL".
b- The wedge is made of a hardwood similar to the body. It is wider than it is deep. The top corners are chamfer. The wedge tapers toward the bottom edge, where it splits into two prongs. There is a groove in the centre of the bottom edge that extends to the middle of the wedge.
c- The iron consists of a primary and secondary iron secured together with a large slotted screw. The primary iron is rectangular with the top corners chamfered. A stamp reads "SPEAR & JACKSON"/S*J/CAST STEEL/WARRANTED" with an ensign of a crown. The secondary iron is a smaller rectangle with the top corners chamfered. There is a metal square just above the centre that holds the screw. A stamp reads "THOsFIRTH/& SONS". Both irons tapers to a single chisel edge.


Jack planes are large smoothing planes, often used for preliminary smoothing of wood edges. A more precise tool will be used to finish the piece. This plane’s double irons are slightly convexed to avoid marking the edges of the cut. Jack planes are usually 12-18 inches long, but can be found up to 30 inches.