Object Name
Plane, Smoothing
James Howarth
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 24.0cm x Width 6.3cm x Height 12.0cm
a- Length 24.0cm x Width 6.3cm x Height 12.0cm
b- Length 12.0cm x Width 4.8cm x Height 1.8cm
c- Length 16.6cm x Width 5.1cm x Height 0.9cm


Wooden smoothing plane comprised of three parts, a rectangular wooden body with a wood handle on the heel (a), a rectangular wooden wedge (b), and a double iron with a flat blade (c). Double iron stamped "James Howarth Warrented Cast Steel"; Brass round nut; other iron stamped "J. Howarth, solid steel".


Smoothing planes are used for the finest finishing work on the wood surface. Before sandpaper was in common use, surfaces such as veneers were not sanded down, but "smoothed" with the smoothing plane. It was essential to set the iron with extreme precision, and to work with the highest degree of skill.