Object Name
Wood --Metal --Tin
Catalogue Number

Length 91 cm x Width 19.4 cm x Height 51.5 cm


A wooden whirligig of two figures using a butter churn and a cow. The base of the whirligig is constructed out of wood and consists of a square platform on top of a rectangular plank. On the side of the platform, there is a circular, rotating knob that is connected to a wooden rod that goes through the centre of the platform. Metal wires attached to the opposite end of the rod are connected to the buttere churn on top. On top of the rectangular platform are two movable figures using a butter churn. The figures appear to be of a man and women; one wearing dark painted paints, while the other wears a dark painted top, a white painted skirt and a pointed hat. When the knob is turned on the base, the arms of both figures raise and lower the paddle within the churn. To the side of platform is a tin cow that is painted black and white on both sides. The cow is attached to the wooden base.