Object Title
Bluenose II
Object Name
Date Made
Plastic --Wood --Textile --Metal --Paint
Catalogue Number

a- l: 63.7 cm x w: 18.5 cm x h: 48.0 cm
b- l: 60.4 cm x w: 15.1 cm x h: 48.0 cm


a- A miniature model of the Bluenose II. It is made from wood, fabric, paint, and metal, and is mounted on a varnished wooden base with a protective plastic cover (part b) over it. The hull of the boat is blue and red, and says "BLUENOSE II" in white at the bow. It has two masts and four sales, all of which are down in the model. A small plaque on the base reads, "Presented to // the City of Kingston // on behalf of the Bluenose II // Canada tour 97-98. // June 20-22, 1997. // BlUENOSE II PRESERVATION TRUST // LUNENBURG, NOVA SCOTIA". There is a second small plaque near the stern of the boat that contains the maker's mark. b- The clear acrylic case for the model. It is rectangular, sits of the wood base, and protects the model.


The Bluenose II is a replica ship of the original Bluenose which was built in 1921 as the promotional Yacht of Nova Scotia. The original Bluenose was essentially a racing boat and was designed for speed. The Bluenose began appearing on the Canadian Dime in 1937.