Object Name
Album, Photograph
Date Made
Paper --Metal --Plastic
Catalogue Number

Part a- Width: 35.0cm x Length: 34.0cm x Height: 5.5cm
Part b- Width: 12.5cm x Length: 14.2cm x Height: 0.4cm
Part c-bd- Width: 10.0cm x Length: 15.0cm
Part be-bj- Width: 12.6cm x Length: 17.8cm


This artifact consists a photograph album, a CD of the photographs and an envelope of photographs, all featuring Princess Takamado's visit to Kingston in 2003. a- A photograph album inside a green, three-ring binder. There are eleven pages of coloured photos, filling half of the album. The photos document Princess Takamado's visit to Queen's University and her meeting with Kingston. b- A CD of the photographs inside a case that is transparent in the front and black in the back. There is a printed list of photos on the front of the CD case. c-bj- Printed photographs of Princess Takamado's visit to Kingston, placed inside an envelope.