Object Title
Happy Days with the Gadabouts
Object Name
Record, 33 1/3 RPM
The Gadabouts
Date Made
Card Stock --Paper --Vinyl
Catalogue Number

Sleeve Width: 31 cm Length: 31.5 cm Record Diameter: 30 cm


A long playing record entitled "Happy Days with the Gadabouts" recorded on the occasion of the Tercentenary of Kingston in 1973. Published by Gower Music Inc. The record has a yellow label and list of songs recorded.
a- The jacket for the record includes the title in red at the top with a coloured photograph of the members of the Gadabouts. All are wearing period costumes. On the back of the jacket is information about the Gadabouts as well as a list of the songs included on the record.
b - The liner for the record
c - The record has a yellow label in the centre that contains the songs that are on the record.


The Gadabouts was a choir for senior citizens living in Kingston and the adjacent areas. Originally this was a singing group created by the City Parks and Recreation Department in 1968 and it evolved into a performing choir by November of that year.

This record, consisting of cover songs, was created for the tercentennial celebrations in Kingston by the Gadabout choir. This record was to be marketed with a tour of Western Canada by the Gadabouts.

In 1973, the Gadabouts also preformed songs from this record (When We Grow Too Old to Dream and We'll Have a Dream of You) for Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Kingston. At the time the group consisted of 48 women in their late 70s and 80s and performed wearing growns and wigs from the 1700s.