Object Name
William Wormwith
Date Made
Circa 1895
Ivory --Wood --Brass
Catalogue Number

Height 1.52 m x Length 1.83 m x Depth 0.7 m


An upright Wormwith & Co. piano that has ornate detailing on the legs and upperfront board. The two legs at the front of the piano sit on two casters. The upperfront board is decorated with three designs separated by rectangular shaped wood dividers that are carved with floral and foliage motifs. Each design has a wooden boarder around it. The central design is painted in white and depicts four musical instruments (a french horn, a string instrument, a clarinet, and a flute) intertwined with a foliage background. The two designs on either side are mirror images of eachother, each depicting a bunch of leaves and flowers that are secured together by a ribbon at the bottom of the stems. The interior of the fallboard has "Wormworth & Co. // Kingston." painted on it in white lettering, and "Cabinet Grand" is painted in white just below the fallboard hinge.


William Wormwith assumed control of Stevenson & Co in 1891. As Wormwith & Co. he built Wormwith - and Weber- brand pianos and player-pianos at the Commercial Mart. The factory was destroyed by fire in 1908, but was rebuilt and reincorporated as the Wormwith Piano Co Ltd.