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Kingston Historical Society
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Length: 22.9 cm x Width: 5.2 cm


This is a white soft cover periodical. This historical journal was produced by the Kingston Historical Society. The front cover has the text "HISTORIC KINGSTON" in black above an image. The image is a photo of the John Counter portrait at city hall. Beneath the image is black text, which reads, "John Counter (1799 - 1862) / Eight times Mayor of Kingston/ KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY / Kingston, Ontario / Vol. 26 March 1978". The back cover is plane. It is bound with staples. This issue contains 7 essays and information on a Sir John A. Macdonald Memorial Service that took place on June 6th, 1977. The first essay (starting on page 3) is titled "Kingston Mayors: 1838-1850: Sketches of a Local Elite and is written by Kevin Quinn. The second essay (starting on page 12) is titled "A Romance Laid to Rest - Gun Slits or Air Vents?" and is written by Jennifer McKendry. The third essay (starting on page 29) is titled "Martin's Opera House, Kingston 1879-1898" and is written by Erdmute Waldhauer. The fourth essay (starting on page 38) is titled "The Kingston Brewery of Thomas Dalton" and is written by Ian R. Dalton. The fifth essay (starting on page 58) is titled "Sir John A. Macdonald Memorializations and the Red Rose League" and is written by Margaret Cohoe. The sixth essay (starting on page 71) is titled "William Coverdale, Kingston Architect 1801?-1865" and is written by Mary Winnet Fraser. The seventh essay is titled "The Royal Navy's Presence in Kingston, Part II: 1813-1853" and is written by John W. Spurr. The issue also contains notes on the contributors and notes on the patrons and members of the Kingston Historical Society.