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Kingston Historical Society
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Length: 22.8 cm x Width: 15.3 cm x Height: 0.7 cm


This is a white soft cover periodical historical journal. The front cover has the title (which reads, "HISTORIC KINGSTON") above a black and white composite plan of Fort Frontenac. On the plan it says "Composite Plan / Fort Frontenac / Kingston, Ontario / 1726-1738-1984". It also has a scale. Under the plan is black text that reads, "KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY / Kingston, Ontario / Vol. 35 January, 1987". The spine has black text that reads "HISTORIC KINGSTON VOL. 35". The back cover has the text "Lithographed in Kingston, Ontario by Brown & Martin Ltd." The periodical contains 10 essays. The first (starting on page 3) is titled "Hotel Dieu of Kingston: Past, Present and Future" by Sister Mary Coderre, RHSJ. The second (Starting on page 15) is titled "A Tribute - "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men"" by Dr. A. A. Travill. The third (starting on page 19) is titled "Kingston's Bible Societies, 1820-1875: Attitudes and Values in the Evolving Community" by Anthony Jackson. The fourth (starting on page 35) is titled "The University of the Scotch Church" by Dr. A. W. Currie. The fifth (starting on page 39) is "A Model of Fort Frontenac" written by Wallace G. Breck. The sixth (starting on page 47) is "A Victorian Canadian in Africa" by Nigel Fitzpatrick. The seventh (starting on page 56) is "Handmade Textiles in Upper Canada" by Jane B. Lefebure. The eight (starting on page 64) is "Murney Point: Its Evolution Within a Civilian/Military Dialectic" by Earl Moorhead. The ninth (starting on page 87) is "Quarters for the Commandant, Royal Military College, 1875-1900" by Dr. Margaret Angus. The tenth (starting on page 96) is Nineteenth-Century Churches in Ontario: A Study in the Meaning of Style" by Malcolm Thurlby. There is also a list on page 46 of the patrons and members of the Kingston Historical Society.