Object Name
Paper --Glass --Wood
Catalogue Number

Length: 66.4cm x Width: 4.5cm x Height: 94.4cm


This is a framed print sketch. On the centre of the work are four figures illustrated by black pastel or crayon rubbing, including a man, a woman and two children. There are symbols of shields on the left and right edges of the print, followed by the Archdiocese of Kingston, Kingston Honos Habet Onus, Kingstons Pital, the Kingston Chamber of Commerce Inc., Sapientia et Doctrina Stabilitas, Truth-Duty Valour, Kingston Penitentiary, and the Religious Hospitallers of St.Joseph. There is a Union Jack behind the family on the left. The inscription on the top of the print reads "United Empire Loyalists Settled 1784" in black lettering. The words on the bottom of the print reads "Kingston Ontario". On the central bottom, there is the Kingston coat of arms, presenting a griffin on the left, a lion on the right, a Martello Tower and a crown inside a shield on the middle. The motto in Latin on the coat of arms reads "PRO REGE// GREGE// ET LEGE". There is a gold signature of "Fed Wakeling" on the right of the bottom edge. The print has a wooden frame with a glass cover and is painted gold on the front. The top, bottom and sides of the frame are painted black.