Object Name
Album, Photograph
Date Made
Circa 1900
Leather --Paper --Metal
Catalogue Number

Part a- Length: 29.5cm x Width: 23.0cm x Height: 1.3cm
Part b- Length: 28.4cm x Width: 21.0cm
Part c- Length: 23.0cm x Width: 5.5cm x Height: 29.5cm


This is a vintage photograph album made of ornate leather. a- This is the front cover of the album. It has decorative patterns on the surface and two metal clasps on the right edge. On the inside of the cover is a piece of paper that has been yellowed. b- This is a piece of paper with irregular edges and some yellowing. c- This is the main body of the photo album. The spine is deteriorated and mostly missing. There is only some remained white fabric attached to the upper part of the spine. The back cover is brown, made of leather, and has decorative pattern along the edges. The album is made of thick card stock pages that are bounded together. There are eight photographs on each page (four photos per side), which occupies approximately one-third of the album. The black-and-white photographs are mostly singular or family portraits of people from the late Victorian and early Edwardian era. There is information about the photographers and the address of their studios on the back of many photos. Some photos include the name of the sitter.