Object Title
Being Canadian / Etre Canadien
Object Name
Secretary of State
Date Made
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Length: 30.0 cm x Width: 21.0 cm x Height: 0.6 cm


The soft cover book is red with a flat red spine, and a title of "Being Canadian/Etre Canadien". It was published by the Secretary of State, Government of Canada in 1988 to mark the 40th Anniversary of Canadian Citizenship. The book is written in both English and French with two separate covers. Both versions have 27 pages, and they are divided in the middle of the book by a coloured photograph of maple leaves. On the English book cover, there is a coloured photograph of a Canadian flag flying in the sky. The titles read "Being Canadian", "Secretary of State of Canada". There is a white logo of "Canada" on the central bottom of the cover. Inside the book cover, there is the Coat of Arms of Canada and a brief introduction of the purpose of this publication. Both the English and the French versions of the book have three sections, titled "Introduction: Home Thoughts", "Being Canadian", and "A Broad Mandate". The book highlights the people, attitudes, and traditions that have shaped the Canadian national identity.