Object Title
Object Name
Sherman Hines
Date Made
Eminent Figure
Helen Cooper
Catalogue Number

Part a-b- Length: 27 cm x Width: 22.5 cm x Height:1.5 cm


a- This is a hardcover navy blue book. The front and back covers have plain blue surfaces. On the spine, there is a silver text reads "Hines Halifax Nimbus". The hand-written inscription on the cover page is "To Mayor Helen Copper, with very best wishes." The inscription is signed but the name is illegible. The copyright page indicates that the book was published by the Nimbus Publishing Limited in Halifax in 1988. This book is a photographic documentation of the Canadian city Halifax, providing a broad view of the city's geographical and cultural landscape, its citizens and civic events. The photos in this book are taken by the Canadian photographer Sherman Hines, who is a resident of Halifax. b- This is a blue book jacket. On the front panel, there is a photo of the waterfront of Halifax. Above the photo is a white text that reads "Halifax Sherman Hine". The spine has white texts of the author name, title, and publisher of the book. There is a bar code on the bottom right corner of the back panel. The front flap has an introduction of the book, written by John Godfrey from the Nimbus Publishing Limited. The back flap has an image and a short biography of Sherman Hine.


Gift to Mayor Cooper circa 1988 from City of Halifax?