Object Name
Gauge, Air Pressure
The Jas Morrison Brass Mfg Co Ltd
Metal --Glass
Eminent Figure
The Jas Morrison Brass Mfg Co Ltd, Toronto
Catalogue Number

Part a- Length: 15.0cm x Width: 12.5cm x Height: 3.0cm
Part b- Length: 1.3cm x Width: 0.9cm x Height: 0.1cm
Part c- Length: 1.4cm x Width: 0.7cm x Height: 0.1cm


Brass gauge with a shattered glass cover. The face of the gauge has numbers around the outside edge from 0-250 and a metal arrow in the centre. The manufacturers information is on the face of the gauge, "Dominion Sprinkler Co. Limited Montreal Air F.M. The Jas. Morrison Brass Mfg. Co. Ltd. Toronto".