Object Title
Sanctuary Wood
Object Name
Window, Leaded
R. McCausland
Date Made
Glass (g) --Metal (m)
Catalogue Number

Window Width: 120 cm Height: 290 cm approximately; Plaque Width: 35 cm Height: 8 cm


A stained glass window entitled "Sanctuary Wood" dated June 1916 with image of civilian women and children on the home front with a building or village behind. The seated woman is knitting and the verse “Long may our ‘Greater Britain’ stand / The bulwark of the Free; / But Canada, our own dear land / Our first love is for Thee” is below. The Kingston crest is in the top curve of the window. There is a separate plaque below that states "The Gift of Hugh C. Nickle".


This is the work of the McCausland Studios and is in memory of the Wives who gave their Husbands and the Mothers who gave their Sons. During the war over 110,000 families drew Separation Allowance, and 60,000 families were on the Patriotic Fund.

The stained glass windows were designed and installed by Robert McCausland in 1920 - 1921, Canada's longest active stained glass firm. Brass plates beneath each window name the donor of the window.