Object Title
Above Saint Urbain, Quebec (recto) // Near Saint Urbain, Quebec (verso)
Object Name
A. Y. Jackson
Date Made
Circa 1924
Graphite on Paper
Catalogue Number

Height 23.0 cm x Width 30.0 cm


Two graphite sketches done on the same piece of paper. On the recto is the sketch "Above Saint Urbain, Quebec" which features a rolling landscape with a hydro pole in the middle of the composition with two buildings in the background on the left. There is a wood fence that travels near the right side of the composition from the bottom right corner before disappearing in the mid ground. There are rolling mountains in the far background. The title of the work and the artists signature "A Y Jackson" is in the bottom 1/4 of the sketch. The sketch on the verso "Near Saint Urbain, Quebec" features a building in the mid ground just left of the centre. There is a fence in the foreground that travels horizontally across the picture plane. In the far right background are forested mountains. There are handwritten notations throughout the sketch with the artists signature "A Y Jackson" in the bottom left.


A.Y. Jackson often sought subjects in land tilled and untamed, from the farms of the Saint Lawrence Valley to the rocky outcrops of Georgian Bay and the peaks of the Rockies. Jackson, especially, had a wanderer's heart, as these drawings, ranging from 1927 to the late 1940s, attest: views of the rolling hills of the Charlevoix are joined by quickly-sketched, annotated images of the rougher climes of Northern Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and even the eastern Arctic.