Object Title
Circus Figure
Object Name
Jack Nichols
Date Made
Circa 1965
Catalogue Number

Height 63.5 m x Width 48.3 cm


A fantasy / surrealist representation of a figure in a dance costume. On a mostly black ground the figure stands en pointe in the lower centre of the composition, facing left, his/her leg extended to the left and his/her right leg extended to the left and his/her arms raised out to left and right. The figure wears blousy white leggings and sleeves, a short tutu, and a grey tunic. The figure has long, attenuated legs, feet and torso, with comparatively short, thin arms, and a small head on a long neck. Above the figure's head in the upper right 1/4 of the composition is a filmy sphere inside the suggestion of a larger circle. Similar filmy material appears around the figure's legs. At the lower right behind the figure is a small poodle-like dog, rendered in similar ghostly fashion. The lithograph is signed "J. Nichols" in pencil in the lower right below the image.