Object Title
Sweetheart Tree
Object Name
James Boyd
Date Made
Catalogue Number

Height 54.6 cm x Width 47.0 cm


An abstract representation of the concept of a Sweetheart Tree. On a single picture plane of a dark ground at the bottom 3/4 of the composition, a narrow blue band above, and a brown band across the top: at the lower centre are multi-hued blocks of colour in various shapes, some with a woven texture: above centre at right is an orange ovoid shape with a purple whale-like shape within it; the upper brown band has multiple small rounded shapes across it. The print is signed "James Boyd -66" in pencil in the lower right corner below the image.


James Henderson Boyd (1928-2002) was a painter, educator and printmaker. As a printmaker he rejected the idea of multiple prints, refusing to press a plate more than once. His innovative printing techniques included etching out areas of metal plates for a depressed effect and adding assorted materials like wood or linoleum to build up the printing surface, creating a relief effect, and giving the print a sculptural quality. His work is typified as energetic, vibrant, spontaneous and brilliantly coloured. These qualities are reflected in Sweetheart Tree, 1966.