Object Title
Bay Finn, MacGregor Bay
Object Name
Arthur Lismer
Date Made
Oil on Linen
Catalogue Number

Height 45.7 cm x Width 61.0 cm


A landscape painting that depicts a representation of a tree in front of a body of water. In the immediate foreground is a large grey trunked pine tree stretching from the bottom through the top of the picture plane, slightly left of centre. At the base of the tree is stony ground on the edge of a cliff, with varied vegetation growing from it and a narrow expanse of beach visible below. In the distant middle ground of the composition is a body of water. In the background surrounding the top edges of the water are rocky rounded hills with vegetation in green and yellow tones. The painting is signed "Lismer" in light tan paint near the lower right corner. The painting is housed in a mid-20th century white painted wood frame with a beveled top edge, white beveled inner edge and narrow linen frieze sight edge.


Arthur Lismer (1885-1969) was a member of the prolific Group of Seven that helped define a distinctive Canadian artistic identity as expressed through depictions of the nation’s various landscapes. Bay Finn, MacGregor Bay, 1935 represents an evolution in Lismer’s style from almost impressionistic to tightly framed, close-up compositions with a foreground focus and a distinctly more expressionist feel. This later style is typified by raw, bold colour, heavy impasto, deliberately rough brushwork and reduced or simplified forms.