Object Title
Still Life in Green
Object Name
Jaques De Tonnancour
Date Made
Oil on Canvas
Catalogue Number

Height 76.0 cm x Width 101.5 cm


An abstract painting of a still life consisting of several objects ob a table, on a green ground. On a flattened perspective picture plane is a grey-topped table on white lefts, each with a yellow stripe. The table top is tilted up, with on its surface from left to right: a white pot with a red rim and handle (handle to the left), two onions with their green tops to the left, a glass vase with a green bouquet with white flowers, a clear drinking glass with a red beverage in the bottom half, a lemon (bottom right), and a pair of black-handled scissors (upper right). The background is a loosely painted green. The painting is signed "de Tonnancour" in thin black paint in the upper left corner. The painting is housed in a contemporary plain white wood frame.


Jacques de Tonnancour’s (1917-2005) early works were influenced by fellow Canadian artist Goodridge Roberts’ landscapes. He later adopted a much more modern, European aesthetic, using an approach that allowed him to cleverly manipulate the spaces he depicted. In Still Life in Green, 1953, de Tonnancour plays with perspective to produce a distorted representation of a table.