Object Name
Bailey Stanley
Date Made
Wood --Iron
Catalogue Number

Length 38.0 cm x Width 6.0 cm x Height 15.5 cm
a - Length 38.0 cm x Width 6.0 cm x Height 15.5 cm
b - Length 14.2 cm x Width 5.0 cm x Depth 4.2 cm
c - Length 16.5 cm x Width 5.0 cm


A wood and metal transitional plane that is comprised of three parts.
a - The base of the plane has a cast iron frame that is screwed onto a wooden, rectangular shaped body. Attached to the back of the metal frame is a curved wood handle and attached to the front is a wood knob. "BAILEY" is cast into the iron frame just below the front knob. The wooden bottom is flat and has a fixed rectangular mouth in the centre.
b - The lever cap that is used to secure the blade (part c) in place. The lever cap has a stippled surface cast into it.
c- The double plane iron or blade of the plane. It is rectangular in shape, with a rectangular hole in the centre through the length of the blade. There is a circular screw through the middle that attaches a second iron. The top of the blade is stamped with "STANLEY // PATAPL19 92".


Referred to as “transitional” planes, these wood soled planes represent the evolution from wood to metallic planes. This type was produced for many decades as some users preferred the weight and feel of the wood body over cast steel. This plane has had its original body replaced with a piece of oak, which is not uncommon as the wood bases were subject to damage and wear.