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Kingston Historical Society
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Length: 22.7 cm x Width:15.4 cm x Height: 0.8 cm


This is a white soft cover periodical. This historical journal was produced by the Kingston Historical Society. The front cover is white, with the text "HISTORIC KINGSTON" above an image. The black and white image has a chest-up portrait of a man over top of a coat of arms. The man is in military dress, with a medal on his chest. Under the portrait and around the coat of arms is text that reads "A. Buck. pinx! H.R. Cock. Sculp. / Esto Perpetu / CAPTN. SIR JAMES LUCAS YEO.KNT. / Published Novr. 1.1th. by I. Geld. No.103 Shoe Lane. Fleet Street". Under the image is black text that reads, "KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY / Kingston, Ontario / Vol. 30 January, 1982". On the spine there is the text "KINGSTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY VOL.30". The back cover is plain white. The periodical contains 8 essays. The first (starting on page 3) is titled "Captain Sutherland and His Dream" and is written by J.W. (Bill) Fitsell. The second (starting on page 18) is "The "Other Side" of Samuel Dyde" by Kevin F. Quinn. The third (starting on page 30) is "Sir James Lucas Yeo, a Hero on The Lakes" by John W. Spurr. The fourth (starting on page 46) is titled "Early Banking in Upper Canada" by Allan J. Cohoe. The fifth (starting on page 58) is "Sir John MacDonald" by A.R.M. Lower. The sixth (starting on page 68) is titled "Early Medical Co-Education and Women's Medical College Kingston, Ontario 1880-1894" by A.a. Travill. The seventh (starting on page 90) is titled "Fort Henry During the Troubled Days of 1837-1839" by George F. Henderson. The eighth essay (starting on page 104) is titled "Kingston as a Military Centre, 1881" by John Grenville. There is also a Memoriam for John Wheelock Spurr, notes on the contributors, and a list of patrons and members of the Kingston Historical Society in 1981.