Object Title
Adventures in an Architectural Archipelago
Object Name
Brown & Martin Limited
Date Made
Catalogue Number

Part a- Length: 27.0 cm x Width: 22.0cm x Height: 1.0cm
Part b- Length: 8.8cm x Width: 5.0cm


a- This is a hardcover dark grey book. On the front cover, there is a title in silver texts, reads "Adventures in an Architectural Archipelago". The spine is grey, flat, and has silver texts of "Adventures in an Architectural Archipelago" and "H.P.Smith". The back cover has a grey plain surface. The copyright page indicates that the book is printed and bound by the Brown and Martin Limited in Kingston in 1983. This book is an autobiography of architect Harry P. Smith, who grew up in the Georgian Bay in Lake Huron, close to more than 30,000 islands. The book tells the story of the author's life experience, professional career and architectural projects. b- This is a calling card for Harry P. Smith, author of the book. It is placed inside a protective sleeve between the front cover and the first page. The front of the card contains information of Smith's name, education, occupation, address and phone number. The back of the card is blank.