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Sherman Hines
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Part a-b- Length: 27.0 cm x Width: 23.0 cm x Height: 1.5 cm


a- This is a brown hardcover book. The front and back covers both have a plain brown surface. On the spine, there are white texts read "Hines Dartmouth Nimbus". There is a white label on the middle of the cover page, reads "July, 1990 Your Worship. Greetings from the City of Dartmouth!" It is signed in blue ink by Mayor John Savage. The copyright page specifies that the book is published by Nimbus Publishing Limited in 1987. This book is a photographic documentation of Nova Scotia's youngest city, Dartmouth, capturing the its natural landscape, streets, buildings, commerce, and civic life. The photos in this book are from the Canadian photographer Sherman Hines. b- This is the cream-coloured book jacket. On the front panel is a photograph of the street view in Dartmouth with a standing clock, a ferry terminal and commercial buildings. The black texts read "Dartmouth" and "Sherman Hines". The spine has "Hines Dartmouth Nimbus" written in black texts. On the back cover is a photo of a boat and an oil rig on water. There is a text of comment on the book written by John Savage, the Mayor of Dartmouth on the front flap, and an introduction of photographer Sherman Hines on the back flap.


Presented to Helen Cooper, Mayor of Kingston, July, 1990 from City of Dartmouth, Mayor John Savage