Object Title
Portrait of Edward Ryan
Object Name
William Malcolm Cutts
Date Made
Oil on Canvas --Wood
Eminent Figure
Edward Ryan
Catalogue Number

Artwork Height 129.54 cm es, Width 96.52 cm es, Frame Height 160.02 cm es, Width 130.81 cm es, Depth 12.7 cm


A 3/4 length portrait of Mayor Edward Ryan facing almost directly towards the viewer, with his right hand resting on some papers on a desk to his right side, and his left hand raised to waist-height and holding a folded paper. The subject has very short dark brown hair, a wide brown moustache, and blue eyes. The figure wears a black , double-breasted top coat with a narrow folded back collar, a white collared shirt and a dark stock/tie with red stripes. He wears a gold single-span chain of office with a round pendant medallion and multiple medallions in various shapes on the rest of the chain. In the background to the left of the figure the corner of a bookcase or other cabinet can be seen, with painted wainscoting at the lower right, and dark brown in the remainder of the background. The painting is signed "W.Cutts.1899" in red paint in the lower right corner.

The painting is housed in a late 19th century gilt wood and plaster frame. Plain back edge; bead-course, plain scotia; flower, leaf and berry cluster in trefoil on sanded chairback corners, with sanded ribbon extensions and flower clusters on sides; English husk top edge; bird's beak, acanthus reverse ogee, tongue and dark, floral sanded frieze; band and bead-course, cove and plain bead sight edge.


Edward Ryan (1860-1938; Mayor: 1899) Born and initially schooled just outside of Kingston, Ryan attained his medical degree at Queen’s University. An energetic man, he was at various times a school teacher, professor at Queen’s, alderman, family physician, officer during the First World War and influential member of many Kingston organizations. Ryan was physician and superintendent at Rockwood Hospital in Portsmouth for 25 years and was recognized as one of Canada’s leading authorities on mental illness.