Object Title
Portrait of Neil Currie Polson
Object Name
Alana Kapell
Date Made
Oil on Canvas --Wood
Eminent Figure
Neil Currie Polson
Catalogue Number

H 121.92 cm x W 101.6 cm x D 7.62 cm


A half-length portrait of Neil Currie Polson. He is positioned in front of a plain background. The figure wears a dark top coat with the two top buttons done up and with narrow lapels, and a white collated shirt with a white stock. The subject has thick greying black hair combed back from his face, and a full moustache with long narrow sideburns. He has blue-grey eyes and looks slightly to his left over the viewer's right shoulder. The figure wears a substantial gold chain of office, with a round pendant medallion at the bottom and a shield-shaped medallion at the centre of the second inner chain, with ovoid and cross-shaped medallions forming the links of the chain. The sitter's hands are not visible.

The portrait is housed in a contemporary gilt wood frame. Plain back edge; wave pattern outside edge, plain scotia; scrollwork top edge, ripple moulding scotia, plain narrow cove, foliate band, flush bead to cove and bead sight edge.


Neil Polson was named after his Scottish grandfather Dr. Neil Currie, a reputed physician. Polson became part-owner of N.C. Polson and Company, an international wholesale drug company. Active in the military during the First World War, he was president of the Army and Air Force Recruiting Examination Board in Kingston, commanded the Kingston and Barriefield Hospital, served as a Major with the No. 7 Canadian General Mobile Field Hospital (overseas), and became a medical officer at CFB Petawawa. The neighbourhood Polson Park commemorates Polson and his three sisters.